v8.0 (2015.12.01)

  • Updated Cura to the 15.04 version
  • Updated FlatCAM to the 8.4 version
  • Updated FreeCAD to the 0.15.4671 version
  • Updated Inkscape to the 0.91 version
  • Updated LinuxCNC to the 2.7.2 version
  • Updated OpenSCAD to the 2015.03 version
  • Added Arduino 1.6.5
  • Added CNC Gcode controller 2015.07.03
  • Added Horus
  • Added LibreCAD 2.0.4
  • Added RepSnapper 2.3.2
  • Added Visualino 0.5.2
  • Added UDEV rules for the BeagleBone card
  • Fixed several bugs and glitches in the desktop configuration
  • Updated the documentation for Meikian

v8.0 Alpha (2015.08.08)

  • Added an installer to hard disk
  • New naming scheme based in the Debian GNU/Linux version
  • Base system migrated to Debian 8 Jessie

v1.1 (2015.04.25)

  • Updated bookmarks of the Chromium and Iceweasel browsers
  • Fixed the configuration of the Chromium and Iceweasel browsers
  • Updated FreeCAD to the 0.14.3702 version from the Debian backports repository
  • Updated Fritzing to the 0.9.2b version
  • Updated Cura to the 15.02 version
  • Updated S4A to the 1.6 version
  • Removed the S4A firmware from the meikian-misc package and build a standalone package for it
  • Removed LibreCAD
  • Changed the location for the desktop’s background images
  • Updated LinuxCNC to the 2.6.5 version
  • Added Abiword
  • Added Gnumeric
  • Added FlatCAM 8.3
  • Added Universal Gcode Sender 1.0.7
  • Replaced Vinagre remote desktops manager with Remmina
  • Added Avrdude

v1.0 (2014.11.07)

  • Updated Cura to the 14.09 version
  • Firefox browser replaced by Iceweasel
  • Updated the meikian-arduino-extras package with new libraries
  • Removed Repetier-host due to license issues
  • Added FreeCAD Library, Printbot part library and Printbots library for use with FreeCAD
  • Added the english translation for the documentation
  • Changed the images for boot menu and desktop’s background

v1.0 Beta (2014.09.28)

  • Packaged Arduino binaries from arduino.cc due to several problems with the Debian testing packages
  • Changed the isolinux bootsplash image
  • Changed the name of the project to Meikian Live
  • Added a second kernel with PAE and SMP support as the default option in the boot menu
  • Added a third kernel with realtime extensions for LinuxCNC
  • Added an option for old systems in the boot menu that uses the kernel in the previous versions of the distro
  • Migrated the documenting system to RST and readthedocs.org
  • Updated Fritzing to the 0.9.0b version
  • Updated Slic3r to the 1.1.7 stable version
  • Added LinuxCNC 2.6.3
  • Added MeshLab 1.3.0
  • Added Scratch 1.4
  • Added S4A 1.5
  • Added UDEV rules from the OpenOCD project
  • Added packages with extra libraries and macros for FreeCAD
  • Added a directory to make easier the access to the 3D Printing tools’ configuration files
  • Added several links to the file manager
  • Replaced oracle-java7-installer with openjdk-7-jre due to license issues
  • Removed the memtest86 boot image due to license issues
  • Removed the Balder and gPXE boot images
  • Removed the Netfabb Basic package due to license issues

v1.0 Alpha7 (2014.07.12)

  • Migrated the system for the creation of the distro to GitHub
  • Packaged all the needed software that were not available as a .deb package
  • Changed the boot menu to make it multi-language
  • Changed the boot scripts to permit language based customizations
  • Disabled the Hard Disk installer
  • Removed the examples directory
  • Updated Printrun to the 2014.01.26 version
  • Updated Cura to the 14.7 version
  • Updated Netfabb Basic to the 5.1.1 version
  • Updated Slic3r to the 11.6 version
  • Updated FreeCAD to the 0.14.3692 version
  • Added Fritzing 0.8.7b
  • Added Graphviz to be able to see the objects’s dependencies in FreeCAD
  • Backport of PySerial from Debian testing. Included a patch to permit serial connections at any speed
  • Added Adobe Flash support to the Chromium browser
  • Fixed the installation of the Intel IPW wireless cards’ firmware

v1.0 Alpha6 (2014.03.23)

  • Added a directory with the firmwares’ code “/usr/local/share/firmwares”
  • Added a directory with examples and calibration objects “/usr/local/share/examples”
  • Added the F.Malpartida’s Marlin firmware version that supports the SAV MKI’s LCD
  • Added the F.Malpartida’s New LiquidCrystal v1.2.1 library for use it with the SAV MKI’s LCD
  • Updated OpenSCAD to the 2014.03 version
  • Updated Cura to the 14.03 version
  • Added the Inkscape’s Gcodetools v1.7 extension

v1.0 Alpha5 (2014.02.19)

  • Added Netfabb Basic 5.1.0
  • Updated Slic3r to the 1.0.0RC3 version
  • Añadidos the following packages: unetbootin, unetbootin-translations, vinagre, x11vnc
  • Added a directory to be able to access from the desktop to the configuration files

v1.0 Alpha4 (2014.02.13)

  • Added an entry to the boot menu for the Debian-installer
  • Updated RepetierHost to the 0.95F version
  • Added the following packages: chromium, chromium-l10n, geda-xgsch2pcb, xchat
  • Hidden the following packages: htop, mc
  • Removed the following packages: dia, firefox, gigolo, thunderbird
  • Fixed the support for the Sanguinololu and Rambo controllers in the Arduino’s IDE

v1.0 Alpha3 (2014.02.01)

v1.0 Alpha2 (2014.01.14)

v1.0 Alpha (2014.01.09)